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Hi :)
Tuesday. 7.31.07 8:58 pm
Hey Guys, i'm back. I'm so sorry for being distant form Nutang for so long. I've missed you all so much. Lots has happened, so i'll be updating you in this one, expect it to be a long reading haha. K well i'm now wiht my highschool best friend. Her name is Alicia, we've always had these feelings for each other, but never admitted it. Well close to the ned of the school year, i told her i loved her, but she kind of blew me off. So, i started dating Samantha after a while, but i quickly figured out that me and her were never going to have any type of future or anything. So, i was having a conversation with Alicia one night, and she told me she loved me and missed me so much, at first, i was obviously confused why she'd bring it up. She said she was tired of lying to herself and denying the guy that was perfect for her. Well that solved everything, and we are dating now. Now for what happend in Greensbugh :)!!! K well i decided i wanted to go spend two weeks away form my house, just cause i needed to get away, well i stayed with my friend ashley at her apartment, and it was loads of fun. I started to get hooked on beign there, and it was sad leaving. I went to see Transformers while i was down there, and i highly recommend everyone to see it, it was the best movie i have seen yet this year, and i've never watched one Transformers cartoon before. I brought 60 dollars down there, and lost it fast lol. Mostly on cigarettes and food. I know one day i ahd a lack of cigarette fit lol, after all my money was demolished. David bought the videogame Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, so i sat there and watched him play that for several days , and learned alot of Marvel Characters i didn't know, like Dr. Doom, and apparently david thinks that is sad. idk but, i did smash my head off of their cement floor and almost passed out. Then i sat there for a while and laughed forever. Ashley and i also have many new inside jokes, including this: Have you warshed you cooshion lately? haha oh my. k well i don't wna this entry to get too crazily big, so i'll ttyl, and i promise to comment back on this entry too.

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Greensburgh, Be Home Soon!
Wednesday. 7.25.07 3:59 pm
Hey guys,

I came up to Greensburgh for a week with my friend, i'll be home soon!


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Saturday. 7.14.07 10:14 am
Happy Birthday TO ME!!!! WOOT WOOT.

Simple and Sweet....

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HP Review, and WTF?!
Thursday. 7.12.07 2:12 pm
Last night, i didn't get home until 12:13 AM. I was supposed to go see HP at 6:10, but unfortunately/fortunately it was sold out. So, we had the good idea to hurry and get tickets for the 9:00 PM showing. To waste the time away till 9, Brittney, Cody, and me went to Funland and destroyed on DDR. You can now see by my entries, all i do is basically play DDR. Well after a while, we got the urge for hunger, and i ate some of the best pizza i've ever had, at a place called FUNLAND! After the pizza, brittney and cody played one more round of DDR before we left for the Theatre. We were supposed to go to the movie with 3 other friends, well they got there and tols us that they came at 5:30 to pick up tickets for the show, and the 9:00 one was sold out then. We got there at 5:20 and bought tickets for the 9:00 one, so thank god, we just made it to see the movie! The only sad thing, was that i saw at least 10 open seats in that theatre, so sold out my ass! That made me very angry, just the fact that they could've been in there with us watching the movie. BTW, the movie was very good, but they really cut alot out of the book for the screen. I absolutely hate that, even though if they didn't, the movie would be like 5 hours long lol. I thought the Dumbledore and Voldemort fight could've been longer and alot more interesting. I was thrilled with Hermione in this movie, she's shown much more of an amazing actress position. i'd like to see her performances in different types of movies. I give the movie a 3/5 baboons, haha thought i'd reference with Nutang. Now i have to ask, wtf?! Bratz: The Movie?! As if girls weren't already being influenced to be little bitches with Mean Girls, no they have to keep making movies like it. I recently watched Super Sweet 16: The Movie, and it was Mean Girls with a touch of MTV, sad thing. The best part of that movie had to be Hellogoodbye singing their song "All Of Your Love". I'm extremely dissapointed these days in the lack of movies with substance and interest. I haven't watch one movie that has BLOWN ME AWAY at all this year. Hopefully i get a movie to love this year at some point. Well it's off to watching some tv for me, ttyl!

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My Day...
Tuesday. 7.10.07 9:04 pm
Today i did some working out, i'm planning on losing at least 20 or 30 pounds this summer. My secret....Dance Dance Revolution. Wear some baggy clothes and play that thing on Workout Mode. I've never felt the weight falling off me on any other methods, but this game makes me feel like i'm shedding and shedding the pounds! I got the game for Christmas, but haven't been playing it for a while till now. I'm obsessed with unlocking all the songs, i wish i didn;t have to work to get them all, but o well. Tommorrow i am going to see Harry Potter and The Order Of The Phoenix. I've seen several previews, and a body shake dance by Emma Watson(Hermione) and i have to say, i'm looking forward to seeing it. I'm mostly looking forward to seeing Dudley piss his pants in the movie, well i wish he'd do that, or DIE! I hate that kid in the movie. Also, tommorrow i'm finding out if i'm gonan get to see my g/f this weekend, but my luck is looking bad :( My dad told em to look forward to next weekend. Yeah, it's easy for him to just say it, but he doesn't know how badly i wnat to see her! It is basically killing me slowly lol. K well i'm going to go chill with my friends on the net. ttyl.

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Seeing My Baby!
Monday. 7.9.07 10:08 pm
Wish me the best of luck! I might get to see my g/f this weekend. I need your luck, so we'll go work on my new house and i can visit her. Pray for me guys! I wanna see her:

Thank You All, Guys.

Just added a Chatroom, i'll be in it all tonight, so get on and talk to me! I'm usually on it between 9-11 PM (EST Time Zone) It's in my Navigation.

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